Package delivery may delay do to the G20 Osaka Summit traffic restriction.

Jun.21, 2019

Thank you for using b-mobile.

There will be major traffic restriction from June 27th (Thu) through June 30th (Sun) due to the G20 Osaka summit. Therefore the package delivery may cause delay between these four days.

■ Yamato Transport
Possible delivery delays and suspensions of some services caused by traffic restrictions due to the 2019 G20 Summit.

■ Japan Post
Mails and Yu-Pack (parcel) delivery delay due to the G2 Osaka summit. (Only in Japanese)

Customers who purchased “VISITOR SIM” and “b-mobile 7GB SIM with cash on delivery”.

All the packages deliver to Osaka areas will be deliver as “non specified time of delivery” between June 27th (Thu) through June 30th (Sun) .

Customers who would like to pick up the VISITOR SIM at Kansai International Airport.

You will not be able to choose the pickup date between June 27th (Thu) through June 30th (Sun) .

We apologize for inconvenience caused and appreciate for your kind understanding.