Basic information

Data amount

1GB / 1Day (Max23:59)


500 yen (incl. tax)


Credit card payment only.

Chargeable period

Up to 2days after the expiration date.

Chargeable SIM

Only to the SIM you are using.


Chargeable only in Japan.

How to charge, check your remaining data and days, and register for an alert message.

1) Turn off the Wi-Fi and click on the "GO TO ONLINE CHARGE" button.

This page is only accessible using VISITOR SIM network. You can NOT access this page using Wi-Fi. If you have VISITOR SIM in your device, you can access this page without using Wi-Fi even after it's service has ended.

2) To Charge tap on (5).
To check your remaining data and dates check (2) and (3).
To register or change your email address tap on (6).
1SIM Phone Number

You'll need this number when you contact our Helpdesk.

2Service End Date

You can use the internet until this date or until the remaining data reaches 0MB.

3Remaining Data

You can use the internet until remaining data reaches 0MB or until the Service End Date.

4Email Address

If you have purchased VISITOR SIM from this website, your email address should be appearing.
If you purchased VISITOR SIM from retail store, we recommend you to register your email address by tapping on "Register / Charge Email Address" button to get alert email.


By tapping this button, you can access to the payment page. In payment page, you'll need to fill in your email address and credit card information to charge.

6Register or Change your
Email Address

By registering your email address, we'll send you an alert email when your data drop down to 500MB. After the registration, your email will show on (4).

Usable period Following is an example with "5GB / 10 days"

Charging within usable period and have remaining data.

Usable period will extend one day and 1GB will be added to the remaining data.

Charging after usable period has passed or after you used up all the data.

You can use 1GB until 23:59 on the day you have made charge. Meaning if you make charge at 22:00, you can only use the internet for only two hours.
Therefore we recommend you to charge when you still have remaining data and useable period.