Please make sure that the Wi-Fi, bluetooth and data roaming are OFF before proceeding. Otherwise you can not access to the Online Charge page.

Please note that once the order is completed, we will not provide refunds or cancellations for any reason.


"VISITOR SIM 5GB/21days" users

You can charge from here.

Details regarding Online Charge


1GB / 1Day (23:59)

- Charging within usable period + have remaining data;
Usable period will extend one day and 1GB will be added to the remaining data.

- Charging after usable period or after you used up all the data;
You can use 1GB until 23:59 on the day you have made charge.
Meaning if you make charge at 22:00, you can only use it for only two hours.
Therefore we recommend you to charge before your useable period expires.


500 yen (including tax)

Chargeable period

Up till 2days after the expiration date

Chargeable only in Japan

Charging page is not accessible from overseas


Credit card payment ONLY

Chargeable SIM

You can only charge to the SIM card you use to access the Online Charge page.

Can't access?

Make sure your wifi is turned OFF.