Notice on the changes of delivery and Service Start Date

Thank you for always using b-mobile.

Please be informed of the following changes on VISITOR SIM purchased from b-mobile website (b-market).

■ Target products: b-mobile VISITOR SIM 5GB/ 10 days, 7GB/ 21 days purchased on b-mobile website (b-market).

■ Date of the change: July 31st, 2019

■ Content of the changes
①Delivery to airport post offices
・Delivery fee: 360 yen (tax included)

②Delivery to hotels, homes and offices
・Delivery fee: 510 yen (tax included)
・Shipment date: We are asking customers to enter shipment date instead of delivery date.
・Service Start Date: The day the customer start using internet.
・Service Start Deadline: VISITOR SIM purchased from this website and wish to deliver to hotels, homes and offices has Service Start Deadline which is the last day of the following month of the shipment date. For example, if your product was shipped in June, the Service Start Deadline is end of July. Please make sure to start using the internet before it's Service Start Deadline, as it'll become unusable after the Service Start Deadline. This product is not refundable under such circumstances.