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Delivery to Airport Post Offices Hotels, Homes and Offices
Delivery Fee 370 yen (incl. tax) 520 yen (incl. tax)
Transport Days

2 to 3 Days.

1 to 2 Days.

Delivery to Okinawa, remote islands and to mountainous regions may require more than 4 days.
Check HERE for more details.


You'll need passport to pick up the package. The passport will be used as an ID that the name one the package and the passport name must be the same.

For the name, use the same name as your reservation name. Otherwise the hotel won't accept the package.

DO NOT enter airport address as your delivery address.
Airports will NEVER accept the package and it will be sent back to us as unknown receiver. We have to contact you over email and ask for another delivery address. By the time you receive the package you might not be in Japan. Even if this happens we can NOT provide refunds so please don't enter airports address as delivery address.