Product Details

Name VISITOR SIM 14Days Prepaid
Package image b-mobile VISITOR SIM 14Days Prepaid
b-Market Edition
b-mobile VISITOR SIM 14Days Prepaid
Retail Edition
Price 2,204yen (excluding tax)
SIM size Nano / Micro / Regular
Service type Data communication only
No voice service
Data speed Best effort theoretical maximum speed
Traffic control JCI reserves the right to conduct network traffic controls on continuous data communications such as file exchange (P2P) applications.
JCI reserves the right to conduct Bandwidth control on continuous data communications.
Speed restriction To maintain service quality for all users, JCI reserves the right to restrict the data transmission speed for customers who have used more than approximately 1000MB over three consecutive days including the current day.
Data amount Unlimited
Usable period 14 days
Network coverage Most all of Japan ( as per NTT docomo network)

Click here for more information. It will jump to NTT docomo’s web site (Only in Japanese)
Please click on the first line where it says “サービスエリア” on that page.
APN information APN :
User name : bmobile@4g
Password : bmobile
Auth type : PAP or CHAP (if available)
PDP type : IP (if required)
APN settings iOS  Android