b-mobile VISITOR SIM

Supported Device

This is the list of devices which we have tested to assure compatibility.

The use of the Visitor SIM with devices not found on this list would be at the risk of the customer.

Refunds & Cancellations : Once the order is completed, we will not provide refunds or cancellations for any reason.

Technical requirements

Your device must be Unlocked (SIM Lock Free).
If you don’t know if your device is unlocked or not, please ask the store where you purchased your device.
Your device must support one of the following frequency
LTE Band 1 (2100MHz), Band 19 (800MHz), Band 21 (1500MHz)
W-CDMA/HSDPA/HSUPA Band 1 (2100MHz), Band 19 (800MHz)
Your device needs to be compliant with Japanese regulations.
For details on Type Approval, CLICK HERE (Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications site)


As of Jan 29, 2015

ManufacturerDevices nameSIM Size
AM TelecomAR5210 (b-mobile4G WiFi3)Micro
AM TelecomAMR510 (b-mobile4G WiFi2)Regular
AppleSIM free iPhone3GS (iOS6 series and under)Regular
AppleSIM free iPhone4 (iOS7.1 and iOS6 Series and under)
※ If you updated to iOS7.1, you will NOT be able to use internet tethering.
AppleSIM free iPhone4S (iOS8.2 and under)Micro
Apple SIM free iPhone5 model A1429 (GSM model) (iOS8.2 and under)Nano
Apple SIM free iPhone5c model A1456 (iOS8.2 and under)Nano
Apple SIM free iPhone5s model A1453 (iOS8.2 and under)Nano
Apple docomo Released iPhone5c model A1456 (iOS8.2)
Apple docomo Released iPhone5s model A1453 (iOS8.2)
Apple SIM free iPhone6 Plus model A1524 (iOS8.2)Nano
Apple docomo Released iPhone6 Plus model A1524 (iOS8.2)Nano
Apple SIM free iPhone6 model A1586 (iOS8.2)Nano
Apple docomo Released iPhone6 model A1586 (iOS8.2)Nano
Apple SIM free iPad WiFi+3G (iOS5 series and under)Micro

SIM free iPad2 WiFi+3G (iOS8.2)

AppleSIM free New iPad Wi-Fi + cellular (iOS6 series and under)
※If you have updated the carrier setting to [ドコモ 16.2], you will not be able to use internet tethering.
AppleSIM free iPad mini3 model A1600 (iOS8.2)Nano
AppleSIM free iPad mini model A1455 (iOS8.2)Nano
AppleSIM free iPad Air2 model A1567 (iOS8.2)Nano
AppleSIM free iPad Air model A1475 (iOS8.2)Nano
ASUSTeK Computer Inc.Asus Pad TF303CL (Android 4.4.2)Micro
ASUSTeK Computer Inc.Fonepad Note 6 (Android 4.2.2)Micro
ASUSTeK Computer Inc.Fonepad 7 (Android 4.2.1)Micro
ASUSTeK Computer Inc.Fonepad ME371MG (Android 4.1.2)Micro
ASUSTeK Computer Inc. Nexus7 (2012 model) (Android Android 4.1.2) (Wi-Fi+ Cellular)Micro
ASUSTeK Computer Inc. Nexus7 (2013 model) (Android 4.3) (Wi-Fi+ Cellular)Micro
ASUSTeK Computer Inc.PadFone2 (Android 4.1.1)Micro
ASUSTeK Computer Inc.Zenfone5 (A500KL) (Android 4.4.2)Micro
BUFFALOPortableWi-Fi DWR-PGRegular
CoviaFLEAZ F5 CP-F05ak (Android 4.4)Regular / Micro
CoviaFLEAZ F4S CP-F40s (Android 4.4.2)Regular / Micro
CoviaFleaPhone CP-D02 (Android 4.0)Regular
CoviaCP-F03a (Android 4.2.2)Regular / Micro
Freetelnico (Android 4.4)Regular / Micro
FreetelXM FT 142D (Android 4.4)Micro
FujitsuARROWS NX F-02G (Android4.4.4)Nano
Fujitsuらくらくスマートフォン3 F-06F (Android4.4.2)Micro
FujitsuF-12C (Android 2.3.4)Regular
FujitsuARROWS V F-04E (Android 4.0.4)Micro
FujitsuF-09D ANTEPRIMA (Android 4.0.3)Micro
FujitsuARROWS μ F-07D (Android 2.3.5)Micro
FujitsuF-03D Girls' (Android 2.3.5)Micro
FujitsuREGZA Phone T-01D (Android 2.3)Micro
FujitsuREGZA Phone T-02D (Android 4.0.4)Micro
FujitsuARROWS X LTE F-05D (Android 2.3.5)Micro
FujitsuARROWS X F-10D (Android 4.0.3)Micro
FujitsuARROWS Tab LTE F-01D (Android 3.2)Micro
FujitsuDisney Mobile on docomo F-08D (Android 4.0)Micro
FujitsuARROWS Me F-11D (Android 4.0)Micro
FujitsuF-12D (Android 4.0)Micro
FujitsuARROWS X F-02E (Android 4.1.2)Micro
FujitsuARROWS Kiss F-03E (Android 4.0)Micro
FujitsuARROWS Tab F-05E (Android 4.0.4)Micro
FujitsuARROWS NX F-06E (Android 4.2.2)Micro
FujitsuDisney Mobile on docomo F-07E (Android 4.2.2)Micro
FujitsuF-08E (Android 4.2.2)Micro
FujitsuF-09E (Android 4.2.2)Micro
FujitsuARROWS NX F-01F (Android 4.2.2)Micro
FujitsuARROWS Tab F-02F (Android 4.2.2)Micro
FujitsuDisney Mobile on docomo F-03F (Android 4.2.2)Micro
FujitsuF-04F (Android 4.2.2)Micro
FujitsuF-05F (Android 4.4.2)Micro
Google GDD Phone (Android 1.5 Only)Regular
HTChTc Z (Only NTT docomo model)Regular
HTCHTC Advantage X7501Regular
HTCHTC P3600Regular
HTCHTC ShiftRegular
HuaweiIDEOS (Android 2.2.1)(JCI sales model)Regular
HuaweiGP02 (Only e-mobile model)Regular
HuaweiAscend HW-01E (Android 4.0.4)Micro
HuaweiAscend D2 HW-03E (Android 4.1.2)Micro
HuaweiAscend G6 (Android 4.3)Micro
HuaweiAscend P7 (Android 4.4)Micro
HuaweiAscend G620S(Android 4.4)Micro
HuaweiMediaPad M1 8.0 (Android 4.2)Micro
HuaweiMediaPad X1 7.0 (Android 4.2)Micro
HuaweiMobile WiFi E5377Regular
LenovoLenovo YOGA Tablet 2-830L (Android 4.4.2)Micro
LenovoLenovo YOGA Tablet 2-1050L (Android 4.4.2)Micro
LenovoLenovo YOGA Tablet 2-1051L (Windows 8.1 with bing)Micro
LenovoIdeaTab A2107A 3Gmodel (Android 4.0.3)Regular
LenovoThinkPad Tablet 3Gmodel (Android 3.1)Regular
LG ElectronicsOptimus LTE L-01D (Android 2.3.5)Regular
LG ElectronicsL-09CRegular
LG ElectronicsL-02CRegular
LG ElectronicsPRADA phone by LG L-02D (Android 2.3.7)Regular
LG ElectronicsOptimus chat L-04C (Android 2.2)Regular
LG ElectronicsOptimus Pad L-06C (Android 3.1)Regular
LG ElectronicsOptimus bright L-07C (Android 2.3)Regular
LG ElectronicsL-05ARegular
LG ElectronicsOptimus G L-01E (Android 4.0.4)Micro
LG ElectronicsOptimus it L-05D (Android 4.0.4)Micro
LG ElectronicsOptimus Vu L-06D (Android 4.0.4)Micro
LG ElectronicsOptimus LIFE L-02E (Android 4.0)Micro
LG ElectronicsOptimus G Pro L-04E (Android 4.1)Micro
LG ElectronicsOptimus it L-05E (Android 4.2.2)Micro
LG ElectronicsOptimus G2 L-01F (Android 4.2.2)Micro
LG ElectronicsNexus 4 (Android 4.3)Micro
LG ElectronicsNexus 5 (Android 4.4)Micro
LG ElectronicsG2 mini (Android 4.4)Micro
MotorolaMotorola FR68Regular
MotorolaMotorola FR6000Regular
NECAterm MR02LNMicro
NECAterm MR03LNMicro
NECMEDIAS N-04C (Android 2.2)Regular
NECMEDIAS WP N-06C (Android 2.3)Regular
NECMEDIAS TAB UL N-08D (Android 4.0)Micro
NEC CASIOMEDIAS PP N-01D (Android 2.3.5)Micro
NEC CASIOMEDIAS LTE N-04D (Android 2.3.6)Micro
NEC CASIOMEDIAS X N-07D (Android 4.0.4)Micro
NEC CASIOMEDIAS ES N-05D (Android 4.0)Micro
NEC CASIOMEDIAS U N-02E (Android 4.0)Micro
NEC CASIODisney Mobile on docomo N-03E (Android 4.0)Micro
NEC CASIOMEDIAS X N-04E (Android 4.1.2)Micro
NEC CASIOMEDIAS W N-05E (Android 4.1.2)Micro
NEC CASIOMEDIAS X N-06E (Android 4.2.2)Micro
PanasonicP-07C (Android 2.3)Regular
PanasonicP-01D (Android 2.3)Regular
PanasonicLUMIX Phone P-02D (Android 2.3.5)Micro
PanasonicELUGA power P-07D (Android 4.0.4)Micro
PanasonicJT-H580VT (Android 3.2.1)Micro
PanasonicP-04D (Android 2.3)Micro
PanasonicDisney Mobile on docomo P-05D (Android 2.3)Micro
PanasonicELUGA V P-06D (Android 4.0)Micro
PanasonicELUGA Live P-08D (Android 4.0)Micro
PanasonicELUGA X P-02E (Android 4.1)Micro
PanasonicELUGA P P-03E (Android 4.2.2)Micro
POLAROID LINEAGE V10B (Android 4.2.2)Regular
SAMSUNG mobileGALAXY Note Edge SC-01G (Android4.4.4)Micro
SAMSUNG mobileGALAXY S5 ACTIVE SC-02G (Android4.4.4)Micro
SAMSUNG mobileGALAXY Tab S 8.4 SC-03G (Android4.4.4)Micro
SAMSUNG mobileGALAXY S II LTE SC-03D (Android 2.3.6)Regular
SAMSUNG mobileGALAXY Tab 10.1 LTE SC-01D (Android 3.2)Regular
SAMSUNG mobileGALAXY Tab 7.0 Plus SC-02D (Android 3.2)Regular
SAMSUNG mobileGALAXY NEXUS SC-04D (Android 4.0.1)Regular
SAMSUNG mobileGALAXY S II SC-02C (Android 2.3.3)Regular
SAMSUNG mobileGALAXY S SC-02B (Android 2.2)Regular
SAMSUNG mobileGALAXY Tab SC-01C (Android 2.2)Regular
SAMSUNG mobileGALAXY Tab 7.7 Plus SC-01E (Android 4.1.1)Micro
SAMSUNG mobileGALAXY Note II SC-02E (Android 4.0.4)Micro
SAMSUNG mobileGALAXY Note SC-05D (Android 4.0)Micro
SAMSUNG mobileGALAXY S III SC-06D (Android 4.0.4)Micro
SAMSUNG mobileGALAXY S III α SC-03E (Android 4.1)Micro
SAMSUNG mobileGALAXY S4 SC-04E (Android 4.2.2)Micro
SAMSUNG mobileGALAXY Note 3 SC-01F (Android 4.3)Micro
SAMSUNG mobileGALAXY J SC-02F (Android 4.3)Micro
SAMSUNG mobileGALAXY S5 SC-04F (Android 4.4.2)Micro
SharpAQUOS ZETA SH-01G (Android4.4.4)Nano
SharpDisney Mobile on docomo SH-02G (Android4.4.4)Nano
SharpHYBRID W-ZERO3 WS027SH (Only data communications)Regular
SharpLYNX SH-10B (Android 1.6)Regular
SharpLYNX 3D SH-03C (Android 2.1)Regular
SharpAQUOS PHONE SH-12C (Android 2.3)Regular
SharpAQUOS PHONE si SH-01E (Android 4.0.4)Micro
SharpAQUOS PHONE ZETA SH-02E (Android 4.0.4)Micro
SharpAQUOS PHONE st SH-07D (Android 4.0.4)Micro
SharpQ-pot.Phone SH-04D (Android 2.3.4)Micro
SharpAQUOS PHONE slider SH-02D (Android 2.3.5)Micro
SharpAQUOS PHONE SH-01D (Android 2.3.5)Micro
SharpAQUOS PHONE f SH-13C (Android 2.3)Micro
SharpAQUOS PHONE ZETA SH-09D (Android 4.0.4)Micro
SharpAQUOS PHONE SH-06D (Android 4.0)Micro
SharpAQUOS PHONE sv SH-10D (Android 4.0)Micro
SharpAQUOS PHONE EX SH-04E (Android 4.1)Micro
SharpSH-05E (Android 4.0)Micro
SharpAQUOS PHONE ZETA SH-06E (Android 4.2.2)Micro
SharpAQUOS PHONE si SH-07E (Android 4.2.2)Micro
SharpAQUOS PAD SH-08E (Android 4.2.2)Micro
SharpAQUOS PHONE ZETA SH-01F (Android 4.2.2)Micro
SharpAQUOS PHONE EX SH-02F (Android 4.2.2)Micro
SharpSH-03F (Android 4.0.4)Micro
SharpAQUOS PHONE ZETA SH-04F (Android 4.4.2)Micro
SharpSH-05F (Android 4.2.2)Micro
SharpAQUOS PAD SH-06F (Android 4.4.2)Micro
SONYPlayStationRVita 3G/Wi-Fimodel Firmware 1.66Regular
Sony EricssonXperia™ SO-01B (Android 1.6/2.1)Regular
Sony EricssonXperia™ arc SO-01C (Android 2.3/2.3.3)Regular
Sony EricssonXperia™ acro SO-02C (Android 2.3)Regular
Sony EricssonXperia™ ray SO-03C (Android 2.3)Regular
Sony EricssonXperia™ PLAY SO-01D (Android 2.3)Regular
SONYXperia™ Z3 SO-01G (Android4.4.4)Nano
SONYXperia™ Z3 Compact SO-02G (Android4.4.4)Nano
SONYXperia™ Z3 Compact Tablet Z SO-03E (Android4.1.2)Micro
SONYXperia™ acro HD SO-03D (Android 4.0)Regular
SONYXperia™ NX SO-02D (Android 4.0)Micro
SONYXperia™ AX SO-01E (Android 4.0.4)Micro
SONYXperia™ GX SO-04D (Android 4.0.4)Micro
SONYXperia™ SX SO-05D (Android 4.0.4)Micro
SONYXperia™ Z SO-02E (Android 4.1)Micro
SONYXperia™ A SO-04E (Android 4.1.2)Micro
SONYXperia™ Z1 f SO-01F (Android 4.2.2)Micro
SONYXperia™ Z1 SO-02F (Android 4.2.2)Micro
SONYXperia™ Z2 SO-03F (Android 4.4.2)Micro
SONYXperia™ A2 SO-04F (Android 4.4.2)Micro
SONYXperia™ Z2 Tablet SO-05F (Android 4.4.2)Micro
TJCStarQ Q5001 (Android 4.2.2)Regular / Micro
ToshibaREGZA Phone T-01C (Android 2.1)Regular
ZTELight TabRegular
ZTEMF30 (b-mobile WiFi)Regular
PLUS ONE Co., Ltd.freetel FT132A (Andoroid 4.1.2) To maker Web pageRegular