b-mobile PAYG SIM is no longer on sale.

For those who are currently using this SIM card can be used until the expiration date.

To start using PAYG SIM

Please go through the subscription process in the User Page.

Refunds & Cancellations

Once the order is completed, we will not provide refunds or cancellations for any reason.

Supported Devices

Please see the Supported Device page for devices that we can assure compatibility.
The use of our PAYG SIM with devices not found on this list would be at the risk of the customer.


This service is not available for customers having a residential address in Denmark, Finland, or Sweden when customers purchase PAYG SIM at the retail stores or online as we cannot complete a subscription process.
This does not apply when customers purchase PAYG SIM at the hotels.

PAYG SIM’s main feature

  • 3GB data usage
    (4G & 3G)
  • International &
    Local calls & SMS
  • Best network
  • Available for
    7 days


What you need to purchase PAYG SIM

* In case there is no passport bearer's address page in your passport, it is necessary for you to provide us with a different document that can be used to verify your address. In case you do not have such document, we will not be able to process your application.

Information from b-mobile Helpdesk

  • PAYG SIM activation has ended.