What kind of service is provided by PAYG Data SIM?

PAYG Data SIM is a prepaid SIM card which is a combination of Data communication service. You can use a Max. of 3GB of data within 14 days.

Can I make phone calls?

No, you can not.

Can I use SMS (Short Message Service)?

No, SMS is not available.

Can I use MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service)?

No, MMS is not available.

Can anyone use it?

The PAYG Data SIM is intended for use by people who are visiting Japan. Japanese people living abroad can also use this SIM. However, in the past, if JCI observed any violation of terms of use, the service was involuntarily terminated.

What do I need to do after I purchase the PAYG Data SIM?

Please see this page for details.

Do I have to go to the store to go through the subscription process?

No, the subscription process is available only online.

What should I do after inserting the SIM in my phone?

To use the internet, please set up the APN of the device at hand.

How to set your APN to your smart phone.

What is APN setting?

The APN (Access Point Name) is a network path for all cellular data connectivity. By setting the APN, your device allows you to use PAYG Data SIM.

Can I make VoIP calls?

It is possible to make VoIP calls, however the quality of the call will depend on the condition, time and traffic of the connection.

What SIM card size do you have?

We have standard, micro and nano size.

Is it possible to change the SIM card size from standard to micro or nano, and vice versa once a purchase is completed?

No it is not possible.

Can I use the same SIM card with different devices?

As long as the device which you use is compatible with our SIM, you can interchange your devices using the same SIM.

Can I use the tethering feature?

The b-mobile SIM supports tethering, but please check that your device allows tethering.

Can it be used outside of Japan?

No, you cannot use PAYG Data SIM outside of Japan.
It is for use only within Japan.

Do we need to return the SIM card?

We would appreciate it if you can return the SIM card to the following address:
Japan Communications Inc. b-mobile Helpdesk, SIM Card Returns
Zip code:105-0001, 4-1-28 Toranomon Towers office, Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo

There is no penalty or extra charge for not returning the SIM card.

Mailing at expense of customer.

What device can you use?

Please see the Supported Device page for devices that we can assure compatibility.
The use of the PAYG Data SIM with devices not found on this list would be at the risk of the customer.

Can I extend the usable period by charging?

Yes. You can charge the card during the period of use and 10 days after the expiration of the card. After charging your SIM, you can continue using it.

Is there a PIN code?

Yes, the PIN code is "0000".

PIN code is locked. Can you tell me the number to unlock the code?

Please contact our b-mobile English Helpdesk.helpdesk@j-com.co.jp

Where can I check my expiration date?

You can always check your service period days from the User Page.

Is there any cancellation procedure ?

No. there is not.

The data speed is slow

To maintain service quality for all users, JCI reserves the right to restrict the data transmission speed for customers who have used more than approximately 1GB over three consecutive days including the current day.

Some automatic data communication may occur without your direct approval or even awareness depending on your device.



Where can I purchase PAYG Data SIM?

You can purchase from the following Hotels.
Please see "Where to purchase" page for details.

Is it possible to cancel my SIM card?

Once an order is completed, we will not provide refunds or cancel orders for any reason.

Lost or broken
After purchase


I lost my SIM card. What should I do?

Please contact b-mobile English Helpdesk.
Our helpdesk operator can assist you by suspending your service so others cannot use it, as well as reactivating your service when you find your SIM card.

I lost my SIM card. Can you send me a new SIM card?

No.Please purchase a new SIM card.

I think my SIM card is broken. Can you send me another SIM card?

Please contact us by email or by phone and let us know your SIM phone number so that we may check the condition of your SIM. In our experience it is fairly rare that the SIM card is faulty and in most cases the problem lies in the set up of the SIM in the respective device.

About support
Airport pick-up


Where do I call if I have questions regarding PAYG Data SIM?

Please contact b-mobile English Helpdesk.

Is there anything I should have ready when I make my call?

Before purchase: You do not need to prepare anything.
After purchase : Please have your SIM card, PAYG Data SIM Package and your smartphone ready.