Prepaid SIM card made just for travelers to Japan

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APN Setting for iOS

Install the APN Profile and you are ready to use the network.

1) Insert the SIM card to your device.

2) Connect to WiFi and download the APN profile to your iPhone or iPad.
*We recommend using Safari to install the profile. Other browsers may prevent the installation process.

APN Profile

since iOS 12.2

1. Allow download when profile is displayed.

2. When the download is complete, tap on "Close".

3. Home → Settings → Tap on "Profile Downloaded"

4. When tap on "Install", input your passcode of iPhone.

5. Tap on "Install" again. You'll jump to a warning page. But proceed and tap on "Install" again.

6. Tap on "Done" to complete the installation.

IMPORTANT) Delete the b-mobile profile after use.

Settings > General > Profile > Delete Profile


When I insert the SIM card, my device ask me to insert proper SIM card.
Your device is locked. To use b-mobile SIM card, your device needs to be unlocked.