Prepaid SIM card made just for travelers to Japan

Compatible devices

Technical requirements

Please check following requirements to use VISITOR SIM.

Your device must be UNLOCKED.
If you don’t know if your device is unlocked or not, please ask the store where you purchased your device.
Your device must be able to use LTE.
LTE Band 1 (2.1GHz), Band 3 (1.7GHz), Band 19 (800MHz), Band 21 (1.5Hz)
W-CDMA/HSDPA/HSUPA Band 1 (2.1GHz), Band 6 (800MHz), Band 19 (800MHz)

Your device must be safe to use in Japan.

To assure your device is safe to use in Japan, please go to docomo’s web site and see if your mobile phone carrier is docomo’s roaming partner or not. NOTE: iPhones and iPads have Type Approval marks which assure device’s safety that you do not need to check this.

docomo web site ( You’ll jump to docomo’s page. Click the PDF link and find your mobile phone carrier)

Following list is the devices which we have tested and assure it’s compatibility. Devices not on this list may be able to use if it supports the above technical requirements, but please note that we have not tested it’s compatibility that you may not be able to use VISITOR SIM at all. Even this happends, we will not provide refunds or cancel orders for any reason once an order is completed.

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