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VISITOR SIM 5GB / 21Days prepaid VISITOR SIM 5GB / 21Days Prepaid
SIM size Micro
Delivery Hotels, Homes and other places
Service 5GB / 21 days , Data communication only

This document describes important matters regarding conditions of offering a contract. Please read this carefully.

■Matters that require special attention:

  • This product is not subject to the Rules Concerning Initial Termination of Contracts. Once purchased, cancellation, return, refunds are not acceptable.
  • For a list of supported mobile terminals, refer to the following webpage on the JCI website (
  • This product is for data only; the product does not provide any of services on voice calls, Short Message Service (SMS) or Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS).
  • Registration of carried passport information is required before use of this product. This product is not available for use without a valid passport.
  • This product is not available to corporate entities for application or purchase.
  • For use of this product by users under 18 years of age, we recommend using the filtering service. Please inform JCI during the activation process if you are under 18 years old or you will be enabling a person under 18 years to use this product. For details of the filtering service, please see 4) Filtering Service in【Descriptions of Telecommunications Service】and ■Confirmation of Youth Users in【About Contract Application and Activation Process】.
  • Purchased from other stores; start using this product within one month after purchase. (The product may become unusable after one month. This product is not refundable under such circumstances.)
  • Data communication may occur in unintended manner, depending on software being used by a customer.
  • The service for this product is not provided by NTT DOCOMO, although this service uses NTT DOCOMO’s network. Neither the descriptions nor fees for this service are associated with NTT DOCOMO.
  • This product does not allow use of sp mode ®, i mode® and other services that are provided by NTT DOCOMO. This product does not provide any email address under the address domain.
  • This product does not provide email addresses.
    The Contract Information is enclosed in this product. Please read the notice carefully as this is an important document.

【Name and Other Information of the Telecommunications Carrier】

Name:Japan Communications Inc.
Address : 4-1-28 Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 105-0001

【Telephone Number and Hours of Reception by the Telecommunications Carrier】

The b-mobile English Helpdesk

【Descriptions of Telecommunications Service】

■b-mobile VISITOR SIM 5GB/21Days Prepaid

1) Data Communication Service (MVNO Wireless Internet-only Service)

  • The service may not be available in areas that are far away from a base station or in areas with buildings that obstruct the signal reception.
  • Network speed of this product is based on the best-effort. There is no guarantee to provide any specific network speed. The network speed may decrease as the available radio frequency resource is being shared by more subscribers. The network speed may decrease depending on traffic conditions and a location of use.
  • Use of file exchange (P2P) and other applications may be restricted on this product.
  • Network connection may be reset in case of a customer having connected with the Internet longer than a predetermined maximum duration.
  • This product is a service that uses private IP addresses.
  • To attain fair use among customers, network speed may be restricted for customers with excessive use.
  • JCI may collect, analyze, and process network data traffic information, in order to provide, maintain, and to execute operations that are associated with the product.
  • Tethering requires devices with a tethering feature. See the following webpage at JCI for a list of confirmed mobile devices for devices with the feature. (
  • Usage restrictions on this product, including any restriction that is imposed by its data service plan, are applied even while tethering. There are no other restrictions that are specific to while tethering.
  • The product imposes Outbound Port 25 Blocking to prevent spam and other emails of nuisance to customers.
  • Data traffic is throttled at certain levels for data communications related to animations and other data streaming.

2) Usable Period, The Amount of Data and Speed

  • The usable period of this product is for 21 days from the day after the activation date.
  • Usable data amount is 5GB and during the usable period, there is no speed restriction.
  • Purchased from b-market; the activation date is a date as specified in advance as a product delivery/pick up date by a customer upon purchasing the product.
  • Purchased from other stores; the activation date is a day customer completed these activation processes through the designated webpage.
  • When all of data amount is consumed this product will expire, regardless of whether its usable period ends or not.
  • When the usable period ends, this product will expire and remaining data amount is lapsed.
  • Refer to the Check Service Status webpage for the usable period and remaining data amount (

3) Charge

  • Upon the end of the usable period, this product can be “charged” (refilled; topped up) by purchasing the Charge Plan (extension plan) to continue using. (The refillable period during the usable period and during within the 10 day period starting on the next day following the last day of the usable period. However, the “charging” becomes no longer available after the 10 day period.)
  • Registration of credit card is required for “charging” (refilling; topping-up).
  • The following describes the “Charge” plan (as of June, 2018). Any change to the plan will be notified on JCI’s website (
Product Name Usable Period / Data Amount Price
VISITOR SIM 1GB/1Day Online Charge 1Day/1GB(1,000MB) JPY463[Tax Exclusive]

4) Filtering Service

  • Please let JCI know during the activation process if the user is under 18 years of age (youth user).
  • For youth users, we recommend using the filtering service.
  • Using the filtering service is an effective means to restrict seeing information that is not appropriate for youths and it will help to protect youths from getting involved in internet crimes and troubles.
  • If you are purchasing this product for a minor, under the age of 18 and have decided not to use the filtering service, please inform JCI in the activation process. It will mean that you are aware of the risks and are responsible for your decision.
  • Filtering service (as of June 2018);
Service Price per month
I-filter for Multi-device JPY 360 [Tax Exclusive]
Control of Access for Harmful Websites JPY 2000 [Tax Exclusive]
    Please be aware of these charging rules below

    1) Your SIM is still under usable period; 1 day will be extended from your usable period before charging.

    2) After your usable period expired; the charged amount will be valid until 23:59 on that very day.(The charged amount will be expired on next day.)

    *In both of cases 1 and 2 above, when all of data amount is consumed this product will expire, regardless of whether its usable period ends or not.

  • 【Price of the Telecommunication Service】

    Purchased from b-market; JPY3,223[Tax Exclusive]
    Purchased from other stores;Price Estimate: JPY3,223[Tax Exclusive] Refer to actual information upon purchase.

    【Additional Expenses to the above Price of the Telecommunication Service】

    • Additional fees may be imposed when the network is accessed via access point other than “ ”.
    • Additional JPY200 [Tax Exclusive] fee to the product price for Airport Pickup Service

    【Terms and Conditions on Time-sensitive discount promotions】

    • There is no time-sensitive discount available on this product (as of December, 2016). Notices will be posted on JCI website ( in case of change to applying the time-sensitive discounts.

    【Rules on Cancelling or Revising Contract, Information and Method of Contact】

    • This product provides telecommunication services as specified on 【Descriptions of Telecommunications Service 】. There shall be no changes or cancellation while the telecommunication service is being provided.
    • SIM Card is on loan to a customer for providing this product. Please return the SIM card after usage to JCI. (Please pay for the return shipment)
      4-1-28 Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0001
      Japan Communications Inc.
      To: b-mobile Help Desk (return SIM)

    【About Contract Application and Activation Process】

    Purchased from b-market;

    • This product can be used from the activation date.
    • The activation date of this product is your preferred  delivery/pick up date.

    Purchased from other stores;

    • Start using this product within one month after purchase. (The product may become unusable after one month. This product is not refundable under such circumstances.)
    • This product requires activation by a customer at a website as specified by JCI (including registration of passport information and email address) to start the service.
    • The activation process completes in about five minutes.
    • The activation date of this product is a date that activation completes.


    ■Urgent Temporary Suspension / Resume for the Service

    • Please contact the b-mobile English Helpdesk (Phone: 03-6721-5032, 13:00~16:00) to request urgent temporary suspension and resume for this product.
    • Customer is responsible for the amount of data volume used before completing the request on the urgent temporary suspension. (Please kindly note: the policy applies in case of usage by a third party in case of theft or misplacement.)
    • The suspension does not stop the clock of the usage period.

    Please click "OK" in each of the below boxes if you agree to these statements after reading above precaution statement.

    1. Please note that depending on your device, some automatic data communication may occur without your direct approval or even awareness.
    2. I understand that all sales are final. No cancellation or refunds once issuing ECX number.
    3. I understand that JCI does not accept returns for any reasons after purchase.
    4. I have read the "compatible devices" page. I understand that JCI does not assure compatibility for those devices not included in the list.
    5. I have read and agree to the b-mobile Terms of Use
    6. Please confirm that your mobile phone carrier have contract with NTT docomo’s roaming partner or have Japanese Technical Conformity Mark on your device.
    *Click on the PDF link and find your mobile phone carrier is NTT docomo's roaming partner.

    Once the order is completed, we can not change your SIM card size and can not provide refunds for any reason.
    So please double check what SIM size your device is using before you make your purchase.